Return Air Grille with Horizontal Front Blade




    • 1-way vertical or horizontal air flow pattern
    • Removable snap-in cores (1VR, 1HR)
    • Waterproof anodised aluminium which is great for areas with high humidity or subject to moisture
    • Optional screens or filters can be equiped


    • Opposed blade volume damper
    • Air filter for air purification
    • Aluminum wire mesh
    • Tie off cable for fall protection


    1. Prepare the air duct edge size according to the neck size of diffuser
    2. Fix diffuser frame to air duct with screws
    3. Snap in diffuser core to the frame (1VR, 1HR)


    • ZAG1V/1VR is recommended for a single vertical plane sill grilles, and ceiling or side wall location
    • ZAG-1H/1HR is recommended for a single horizontal plane sill grilles, and ceiling or side wall location
    • Could be used as a protection against the direct ingress of rain, leaves, and birds
    • Designed to function as intake grilles on unit air con-ditioners of unit ventilators, which are normally sus-pended in the ceilling soffit or located in the sidewall
    • High quality with attractive and excellence design
    • Special anodised or duranodic finished are available to match architectural requirements
    • Satin anodised surface with special colour finishes can be applied
    • Availible in large size
    • Available in aluminium, stainless steel, and steel
    • Customised design is available




    King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi

    Smart Flow Industry
    77/48 Moo 7 Klongyong, Phutthamonthon,
    Nakhon Pathom 73170

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